Becomes the Largest Beer Community in the World

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A Powerful Voice for Beer Consumers
BOSTON, MA (March 16, 2007) - celebrates 100,000 website members this week, making the grassroots network of beer enthusiasts and industry professionals the largest of its kind in the world.
"We're honored to be surrounded by such a large group of people who appreciate beer as much as we do," said Todd Alstr=F6m, co-founder of BeerAdvocate.
"This is a major milestone for beer," added brother and co-founder, Jason Alstr=F6m. "When we started over 10 years ago, few people were using the Internet for beer, let alone using our website. Today, we're a powerful voice for beer consumers, thanks to the dedication, passion, and support of our users. Cheers to them!" offers its users an invaluable resource, including the ability to: discuss beer-related topics, search and review beers & places, find beer events, create local BeerAdvocate member gatherings, learn about beer styles and how to serve them, read the latest beer news, and become part of like-minded community who share a passion for learning more about beer. Membership is free.
Nearly 90% of its users hail from the United States, 3.2% from Canada, 1=2E3% from the United Kingdom, 1% from Australia, and the remainder from 188 different countries. Current page impressions exceed 5 million each month.
Throughout 2007, the Alstr=F6m Bros are preparing to launch several viral marketing campaigns to raise awareness for beer. "We can always do more for the industry and its image," explained Todd Alstr=F6m, "and that's what being a BeerAdvocate is all about."
About BeerAdvocate BeerAdvocate is a global, grassroots network, powered by an independent community of beer enthusiasts and industry professionals who are dedicated to supporting and promoting beer. was founded in 1996 by brothers Jason & Todd Alstr=F6m, who now host 3 beer festivals a year in Boston and recently launched the nation's only monthly beer magazine dedicated to advocating beer through a unique exploration of beer style, culture, and respect. Plans to open their own brewery in the Boston area are also in the works.
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Respect Beer.
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Take a random look at any state's members under "Community>User Stats" on the left side of the home page. Go to "last" and scroll up. Almost half of the "members" sign up on one date and never return after that. Many more last only a week to a month.
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Problem is with Beer Advocate is that they only think that over hopped monsters are good beer. They wouldn't know a good beer if it bit them in the ass.
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Yeah Right

"Yeah Right" wrote on 17 Mar 2007:
That's mostly the users to blame. If the Goat Brothers decree that this or that beer is XTREEEEME!!!1!, they usually score it highly regardless of what a wreck it really is. That said, there are plenty of FFG hop bombs in existence.
The "community", if you can call it that, is a shell of its former self since the Goats started deleting posts and threads left and right (more than ever before) that criticized them and the Bride of Todd, while deleting the accounts of most of the more intelligent and beer-savvy members for writing "beermail" that dared complain about the pathetic BoT.
Pretty much all that's left is a bunch of sycophants and beer tickers. The site could have been so much more.
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Dave Witzel

Then it's time to challenge them in mass and take the site back. Hop bombs have their place, but it is no indication of a good beer.
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Yeah Right

"Take the site back"? Not particularly something I care to do. I don't see the point in calling anything produced from that site news". Ignore them and, considering their track record with executing their grandiose plans, they're bound to disappear from the radar sooner rather than later.
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Dave Witzel

It's one thing to put a spin on statistics and another to put out completely false information. The Goat Bros have outdone themselves this time with complete bullshit information that doesn't represent a shred of reality. It's a shame they think their audience is as stupid as they are.
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I just have to say that I haven't found this to be true at all. From reading the magazine and the website, it seems to me that they seem to appreciate a fairly wide variety of beer. As someone who has only relatively recently begun to appreciate how many great beers there are and who is just now getting serious about learning about beer, I can say that their website is a great help. While trying a new (to me) beer, I can check the site and see what others have said about it, the correct glassware to use with it, and a brief description of that particular type of beer.
I know that there are other places to learn about beer, and I'll make use of those. But I don't see any reason for all the negativity toward Beer Advocate; they've been a big help to me, and I thank them for that.
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