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I'm visiting Portland in December and would like to know what local brews and/or brewpubs the group would recommend.
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On Sun, 23 Nov 2003 10:15:16 -0500, "Bign" wrote:
Not much beer around here. We gave it up and we're all drinking wine these days.
How long are you going to be around, and what kind of place do you like? Where will you be? Driving? Taking the bus/light rail?
Great selection: Horse Brass, Imperial pints, very pub-y, very very smoky most times
Full Sail Pilsner Room, kind of posh, good selection, especially since they have Full Sail beers not released into the general trade; unreal cheap appetizers during happy hour
Bridgeport Brewpub (the one on NW Marshall, the original) informal, fun, delicious ales
Widmer Gasthaus, decent food, a little stuffy, worth visiting for the non-standard Widmer beers (try the Ur-alt)
BJ's Lloyd Center, get there for happy hour for cheap cheap appetizers and their non-standard beers
Lucky Lab brewpub on SE Hawthorne; very very informal, cheap eats, decent beer
New Old Lompoc brewpub on NW 23rd; good eats and surprisingly good beers
Kennedy School, part of the McMenamin's empire of brewpubs, a converted old school, with a movie theatre, restaurant and several bars (including a couple of good places for a cigar); beer is adequate
Edgefield Manor is another McM's place worth seeing; huge place, huge grounds (better in the flowering season), several options for food and the usual erratic McM's beers
That should get you started; there are about a billion more.
Feel free to e-mail me directly (remove spamming blockage) for further details. Nick Bruels may well chime in with a website and a map.
--Jeff Frane
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Jeff Frane
Just as long as it ain't that evil Freedom wine, ya subversive.
Higgins, good tap selection, killer Belgian beer selection, pub-y in the back bar, not smoky at all - and it's downtown
Also Portland Brewing's brewery/pub, up in the northern fringes of Northwest Portland.

Nobody You Know
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Oh, Guess

My favorites:
BREWPUBS Laurelwood Old Lompoc Fulton Kennedy School Old Market Widmer Port Halling Alameda Hazel Dell Bridgeport (Pearl Dist., not the one on SE Hawthorne)
PUBS Horse Brass Dublin Rose & Raindrop Flanders Street (Rogue)
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Blake S

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