Low-carb Coors Light

Has anyone heard about a new product by Coors that is going to be a low-carb
beer? I'm only asking because I'm curious, not because I'm going to buy the
product - I do still love my Guinness!
I have tried the Michelob Ultra during a Budweiser party at a local brewpub
and found it metallic-tasting and watery. Just wondering what Coors' answer
to this product will be.
Any news?
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It was a bartender's birthday and the crew wanted the Bud Girls there. Even tho it's a brewpub, they still serve Bud....
And, they were giving Bud products away for free..... Free is usually good, at least IMO.
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Sucks to be them. They could just brew a very pale light Kolsch-like ale.
There are somethings that aren't worth taking, even for free.
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Google News is your friend. It's called Aspen Edge.
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I'm so sorry. Has trauma counseling helped?
But was it the *good* kind of metallic-tasting and watery?
I don't know if Aspen Edge will be metallic-tasting and watery, but you know how it is, trying to follow a trend set by a market leader like Anheuser-Busch.
Sure. I've not yet tasted Michelob Ultra, and hope to maintain the same sterling record with regard to Aspen Edge.
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