Does Coors Light Have Better Water?

When it comes to American-style light lager, I favor the Coors Light.
Often I wonder if it's the water. Does Coors Light have better water?
A couple things: Yes, I know no-self-respecting real beer drinker
actually favors the flavor etc. of an American-style light lager. My
question is to those who drink American-style light lager beers. As
well I know that once upon a time Coors brewed all its beer using
Rocky Mountain springwater, as its advertising once boasted. Now I
think it is only the "Coors Banquet Beer" in the stubby brown bottles
that carry on that tradition. The other Coors beers presumably use the
water from nearby their regional bottleries.
Did perhaps the old Coors tradition of good water carry on? Maybe it
carries on to the extent that Coors purifies and filters its water a
bit better than its competitors. At least I suspect so. What do you
Safety Stan
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Safety Stan

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