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"Scott Ferry" wrote in message
I think Yards makes some damned fine beers. Do any of my fellow Philly
> natives have any idea why they don't get the recognition of Victory, Dogfish
> Head or even Flying Fish? Oh...Have you tried their old ale?
Yards gets plenty of recognition IN Philly. They don't send a lot of their
beer outside Philly, haven't had to. That's going to change in the next two
years, and you'll see more critical acclaim. The other thing is... Yards
beers were terribly variable for about a three year period: one month
fantastic, the next month piss-poor. The new brewery seems to have put that
phase behind them, I hope for good. Everything I've had from there this year
has been excellent.
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Gunther Prien
Ayup, that'd be the reason. Us non-Philadelphians can't very well rave about beer we can't get. -- Joel Plutchak Boneyard Union of Zymurgical Zealots
"Resorting to personal harassment is a tactic of desperation."
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plutchak joel peter
Oh I think they DO get the recognition, but they're obviously smaller, and havent quite found their marketing "hook" yet.
Rich Pawlak
Close enough to be a Philadelphian!
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Richard Pawlak

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