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Does anybody know of some Good Brewpubs in the Detroit MI area. Going
to Dearborn 9/30 thru 10/2 and wanted some places to get some good
local beer, going for a mini vacation/ little bit of work (get some
familiarity with some hotels I handle reservations for)
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Most of the decent-enough brewpubs and beer bars I've found around Detroit are well to the north of Dearborn. I found Dearborn to be kind of a wasteland, and not just in terms of beer.
Dragonmead out in Warren is definitely worth a visit. Large selection of their beers, with a lot of variety and some quite good.
There are some other brewpubs up in Auburn Hills and Royal Oak that I've been to, but nothing that really jumped out from what I can remember. Detroit's never struck me as an outstanding beer town, even considering the huge number of breweries the state of Michigan has.
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