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last call: an anthology of drinking quotes
16 years ago
Great British Beer Festival
Anybody going to the Great British Beer Festival this year? Mat
16 years ago 1
Goose Island Hex Nut Brown Ale
Here's the description from an on line beer retailer: Brewed in the English tradition, Hex Nut Brown Ale combines the finest domestic and imported malts to produce a chestnut-hued ale of unusual comp...
16 years ago 10
Since I'd never tried the stuff, I picked up a twelve can pack of "Josef Hoffbauer Ice" at Kroger on the way home from the firm today - and I judge it AWFUL! Even "Steel" tastes better than this ranci...
16 years ago 5
Oregon Brewer's Fest very brief report
Well, I made it to the world's greatest brew fest for the the umpteenth time in a row. The best beers in our very unscientific poll were the Double Dry Hopped IPA from Boundry Bay Brewing and the Sku...
16 years ago 4
Re: Michigan Festival report
"Greg Clow" wrote in news:OjPVa.36473$ The Vanilla Porter? Were you angry with her. OK, YMMV and all, but man, that's one of the singly nastiest, ...
16 years ago
Brewing Pilsener
After many years of learning to understand the taste- mostly through drinking it until passing out, I am brewing my first pilsener. I'm using a kit, and adding a brew-boosting mix (dextrose/malt..) an...
16 years ago 2
Re: I have had the Anchor Porter, and now my eyes have been opened!
Do you really mean that you think it does/should define the style, or just that you like it a lot? I like it a lot, but it seems too far out in the extreme, stout-like fringe of the porter range ...
16 years ago 3
Are there any online sites or distributors that will ship this beer to US locations? Thanks. Robert
16 years ago 5
Re: Somebody missed out and it wasn't me......
"Frog King" wrote... I couldn't have made it through that list! MMm I love Stones, but man I'd be on my lips with a tap list like that! fr0glet
16 years ago 1
Bud Blimp Pool Table Light
This is an Awsome Budweiser Blimp Pool Table Light. They are selling on websites at $450 or Better.
16 years ago 1
brewing with corn and rice
At the risk of starting a flame war, here goes. Yes I understand all American beer made with rice or corn taste like crap. But, why do they use them? There is nothing in my homebrewers bibble on th...
16 years ago 8
price of a U.K. pint
What is the average price of a pint of draught bitter in a London pub nowadays? Ta ebebed
16 years ago 5
Re: My opinion of Saranac beer
Hey now, the Lion brewery makes a Pocono Pale Ale that's pretty darned good too, and sells it for about $18 a case. If you're not stupid, it's a great deal. If you are stupid, you'll buy Blue for $2...
16 years ago 1
What happen to "Burger" beer?
I haven't been able to find it around the Cin. area for about two months now... is Huedepohl-Schoenling still producing it in that small Northern brewery?
16 years ago 2