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Gründe deinen eigenen Verein
Bitte meldet euch unter an und stimmt für Bier-Dortmund e.V. Please register at an vote for Bier-Dortmund e.V. ...
12 years ago
send caps, please...
need beer caps for project, after it's finished, will send pic of finished project and note of appreciation for your help. Blue
12 years ago
Il Vicino pizza/micro brewery
Are there any Il Vicino micro breweries that still actually brew their own beer, specifically the once excellent Wet Mountain IPA? The IV in Salida CO sold to another owner, so that's gone. The on...
12 years ago 4
FA The English Inn pubs tavern vintage history 1947
The English Inn ,by Thomas Burke 1947 ,dustwrapper chipped,boards quite faded,otherwise a good copy.189 pages. Really charming anecdotal history of the English Inn,stories,legends,points of architec...
12 years ago
Bar owner refuses to serve the disabled. http://www.basingsto...
12 years ago
Burp and Beer
Fantastic :
12 years ago
Dursley Rural Festival Beers from along the Cotswold Way
To try out some of beers from along the Cotswold Way. Camra are hosting at Dursley Rural Festival a Beer Tent for Beers, Ciders, Perry and Camping is available for more information to celebrate the ...
12 years ago
Christian Moerlein Announcement
Dear Friends of Christian Moerlein Brewing Company: We are pleased to announce our support for Second Sunday On Main in OTR. If you have attended this event before you know it's unique to our ci...
12 years ago
Jupiler: Help me evaluate...
A friend gave me a 0.75 l bottle of "Jupiler",, "BREWED AND BOTTLED IN BELGIUM", but, uh, I'm not so sure it's a fine bottle of beer. Upon first i...
12 years ago 2
Okee-dokee, I'm currently sitting in the Newport Hofbrauhaus...
And the Hefeweizen is good!
12 years ago
Upper Canada Brewery Stockists in the UK?
Hi, I'm looking to find Upper Canada Dark Ale here in the UK and wondered if anyone knows where I can it? Fantastic stuff, and as an ex-pat Canuck here I miss it. (It's a shame they don't make th...
12 years ago
Beauty is in the eyes of the BEERholder!
I have been working on this humor website related strictly to just beer goggles humor. I would really appreciate some hits on my site and your feedback here on what else I should add: http://beerg...
12 years ago
I just bought an 18 of Molson Canadian cans and an18 of Molson Golden cans. I'm sipping one each. What's the difference? I can't tell. The Golden is darker.
12 years ago 3
OT : YouBurp
Beer and Burp Fantastic :
12 years ago
Upcoming beer events in Portland, OR
Hey everyone! Just a reminder of some upcoming events featuring great Portland (and area) breweries: FredFest 2007 [2007-05-12] Zoo Brew - Oregon Zoo Brewer's Festival [2007-05-19] Oregon Brewers...
12 years ago 2