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Alpha King Hard to Find Now?
My liquor store has been out for 2-3 weeks. Local pub has been out for 4 weeks. Anyone else having this problem? Dan
13 years ago 1
Oskar Blues canned brews
A coworker brought back a can of the Dale's Pale and Old Chub from a Colorado trip. I took them with me camping. I cracked open the Dale's first. It seemed very odd to be drinking a beer with good h...
13 years ago 10
beer related flash game, test your reflexes ..before and after a bottle
Hi Try this, try it again after a bottle or Michael.
13 years ago
Stone Brewing 10th anniversary IPA
I picked up a pair of bombers of this at BevMo the other day. I like it a lot. The aroma is malty/ sweet and floral. Nice copper color, dense head, leaves a good lace on the glass. Flavor is malty, ...
13 years ago 2
Boulevard Bully Porter?
Have you tried this beer? I give it a high rating. It's got hopped perfectly (grammar distorted porposely for the purpose of trollng). Malt is of burnt coffee in flavor, but mellows out with multip...
13 years ago
Chicks hatch for Guinness
Guinness sales in Ireland are falling year after year. Could this be the blanding down of the product that Guinness has participated in for the past 10 years? Bringing in extra cold versions of th...
13 years ago 1
Heavyweight Wee Whale
I'm sipping on my 750ml an Rich complex flavours of dark chocolate, toffee, and some fruitiness(plum) and boy, the mouthfeel on this one is in the upper atmosphere. Too bad I "got into"...
13 years ago
Perkuno's Hammer
Well, I just *had* to open my bottle of this liquid nectar. Man, it's been a while since I had the stuff and even though I've reviewed it, it came almost as a complete surprise how really damn tast...
13 years ago 2
first take on two IPAs
Butte Creek Organic IPA (7.1%) of Chico, CA: better than I expected, with a curious porter-y overtone. Pyramid Thunderhead IPA (don't recall the alc. #) of Berkeley, CA: understated, with nice lace...
13 years ago 1
Theakston's Grouse Beater
What an incredible beer Theakston's Grouse Beater is! When the local real-ale (CAMRA listed) pub recived a barrel as a guest beer last week it sold out within hours! Theakston's Grouse Beater is n...
13 years ago
Anybody interested in exchanging beer caps, coasters, etc... Please reply to mail...thx!
13 years ago
Fullers ESB
Delighted to see a new off licence in my town, has a great range of beer. All my old favourites - Budvar, Schneiderweisse, Duval, Speckled Hen and Fullers ESB a new favourite. Is this the world's g...
13 years ago 9
man = beer
Here's a great read about beer. It's long. Better pour yourself a beer. ;) nb
13 years ago
Lagunitas beer
Is it just me, or does Lagunitas beer pretty much suck? I've tried 2 or 3 styles and no joy. I'm now drinking Uncensored, an alleged American IPA. It has an adequate malt flavor and is a little s...
13 years ago 22
Heavyweight CH-CHUCK
A barrel aged brown ale(Flanders Red Ale) that has a lot of sour kick to it. I love New Belgium La Folie so I like sour in general and this one does, imho, the FRA style proud. VERY tasty! ----=...
13 years ago 8