Coniston Old Man

Just found this bottle-conditioned ale here in NC USA. Great malty ruby ale with tons o'hops. Wonderful ale. Great picture of the Old Man on the label as well.
Wonder where we can find this hand-pulled this next Spring when we drive west from Hawes into the Lake District??
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The Black Bull at Coniston is their brewery tap.
But you would be more likely to get what is quite a rare beer - most pubs get Bluebird or XB - if you contact the brewery and ask where it is on at that time.
They also have two quite superb newish beers - Olivers' Light Ale - around 3.4% I think - a ligt mild - really gorgeous, and Oatmeal Stout, don't know the strength - which our tasting panel commend highly.
Chris de Cordova (West Cumbria & Western Lakes)
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Chris good craic on our beers!
Like the bottled Bluebird is still (AFAIK), I think the Old Man was brewed & bottled outside the Lakes - first at Brakspear's (RIP) possibly later at Hepworths, Horsham.
From conversations with folks in the trade, rumour has it that some of the shorter run beers are now brewed & bottled in Cumbria. Some people got upset that the bottled version of Bluebird was stocked in the "local ale" section of Lakes supermarkets.
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