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I don't know what grieves me more: the fact that we, the beer drinkers
of Britain, still haven't got enough signatures together to force Her
Majesty's Government to reconsider the rate at which they jack up beer
duty; or the fact that a bunch of easily-satisfied train travellers
are within a gnat's whisker of forcing HMG to reconsider the award of
the West Coast rail franchise to FirstGroup.
For some reason, we've only got 87,998 signatures asking the powers
that be to "Stop the beer duty escalator", while 99,909 people want
them to "Reconsider West Coast Mainline franchise decision".
Personally I would like some cheaper beer; and I note with interest
the commitments by Messrs FirstGroup to reduce Virgin's standard open
fares by 15% and to improve standards of catering. Though I think I
will still find the trains to be cramped and wretched toothpaste tubes
with no proper view of the world outside and an alarming tendency to
induce nausea in me. (Much like some of the pubs I survey for CAMRA.)
Meanwhile, I take some scant consolation in noting that a petition to
"Reduce the Gravity in Strong Beers" has garnered precisely two (2)
signatures, with one day to go.
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Pat Ricroft
On Fri, 24 Aug 2012 05:15:06 -0700 (PDT)
Part of the shortfall will from those CAMRA members who refuse to use computers and who want a personalised letter to sign with a handy quill hand-delivered by a livered footman (whilst being perfectly happy actually to use computerised devices like cars, mobile phones and TVs every day of their lives).
Cliff posting to uk.food+drink.real-ale and NOT to the drinksforum.com scraper bot
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Surely CAMRA have enough members to easily get 100,000 signatures? I assume that they are not campaigning for lower future rates of duty.
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Well, they have nearly 150,000 members now, so yes. Currently 88,709 signatures BTW.
No, and not even a freeze in duty; just a reduction in the rate at which beer duty increases above inflation. More at .
To answer Arthur's question: no, nothing to do with the space race. The petition (at ) reads:
"Its about time that the government looked at the Specific Gravity (Strength) in Beers and Lagers, and brought in an upper limit of 3.5, most of the trouble with drink related crime is caused by young drinkers who can't handle these so-called Extra Strength beverages, increasing the price penalises those responsible drinkers in society, so reduce the strength instead, and cut out drink related crime. This would also have a beneficial effect on general health and Alcoholism." -- Pat Ricroft, City of Salford, UK ================================
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Pat Ricroft
In article ,
Got 20 to add from being on holiday at Whitby Folk week -would have got more but only remembered to take the forms out one session. Dead easy to get them filled! Wish I'd taken more than 4 that day!
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Are you assuming that they then don't just drink twice as much?
You would also have legislate for allowing only 3.5% ABV spirits and wine.
I was under the impression that the drink of choice for the young comes in glasses that are only a couple of inches high. High strength beer and lager are the choice of drink of the middle age and pensioner hooligan.
What about the drinking environment? Have a cluster of very large pubs in a small area that all "throw out" at the same time and maybe trouble can be predicted. Foe some solutions a change in law isn't required
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They would still use the excuse that they couldn't get the ink for the quills these days.
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