Orpington Beer Festival tomorrow and Saturday

26 stunning real ales plus ciders and perries.
Friday 19 February - Saturday 20 February.
11am to 11pm
Music: There will be no live music on the Friday. There will be Music on Sa turday afternoon and evening - see the listing at the bottom of the page.
Food will be roast meat baps, with falafel wraps for veg*ns.
Entry is £6.00 (£6.40 if booked online to cover our PayPal fees) - whic h includes your first two pints of real ale or cider. Tickets can be purcha sed now using this link
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stival/ , please bring your PayPal receipt with you on the day (either a pr int out or on a mobile device) to gain entry. Alternatively they can be pur chased over the bar. Tickets will be sold at the door on the day, but to pr event overcrowding those without advance tickets may have to queue,
Throughout the day you can purchase more tickets, which should also be used for food.
All real ales and ciders £3.00. Soft drinks etc available. Food only entr y ticket for designated driver etc.
Arbor Motueka 3.8 Bristol A pale hoppy session beer, brewed with NZ Motu eka hops. It has flavours and aromas of tropical fruit and sweet citrus wit h a delicate bitter finish.
Atom Schrodinger's Cat 3.5 Hull Brewed as a paradox. We wanted to brew a b eer that utilised different mashing mechanisms to create a full bodied, low abv hop bomb. IBU: 30. Malts: Pale, Melanoidin, Special B, Vienna & CaraRe d. Hops: Chinook, Citra, Columbus and Mosaic
Bexley Session Golden Ale 3.5 L Erith A new golden ale from Bexley. A light golden ale dry hopped in the cask with Australian Ella hops bringing out a fuller spicy aroma
Bexley Session Pale Ale 3.8 L Erith A new session pale from Bexley. An am ber coloured session pale ale dry hopped with English Sovereign hops for a fruity flavour with pleasant floral aroma
Brew Buddies IPA03 Pioneer IPA 4.1 L, U Swanley An easy drinking hoppy ses sion IPA brewed with a simple malt base generously hopped with pilgrim and pioneer hops, giving an intense citrus flavour and aroma.
Brew Buddies PA03 Cascade Sybilla Pale Ale 4.4 L, U Swanley Pale and vienn a malts provide a light, slightly malty base to this sessionable beer. Copi ous amounts of cascade and sybilia hops provide a citrussy floral flavour a nd aroma.
Bristol Beer Factory Nova 3.8 Bristol A light malt base; Maris Otter, Ca raPils and wheat malt, allows the bright, fresh and zesty hop aromas to shi ne underpinned by herbal and floral notes.
Canopy Brockwell IPA 5.6 L, U Brixton Hoppy, heady, easily drinkable pal e ale. Inspired by the great craft beers of the US using Cascade and Citra hops and British Maris Otter malts. Straight forward and easy drinking.
Canopy Full Moon Porter 5.0 L, U Brixton Rich flavours of chocolate, car amel and coffee from dark crystal and black malts, with light notes of East Kent Goldings hops on the finish.
Exeter County Best 4.6 Devon Premium strength best bitter. Deep golden-am ber in colour, it is rich malt in the mouth with a bitter-sweet finish. The aroma is a balance of fruit and malt.
Great Orme Atlantis 5.0 Wales An India Pale Ale. Brewed with US hops but in the UK tradition.
Green Jack Rising Sun 4.8 Lowestoft A pale refreshing hoppy beer with zes ty fruit aromas, sweetness and malt in the finish.
Gipsy Hill Beatnik 3.8 L Norwood Beatnik is a cunningly light, crisp pale a le. It showcases delicious tropical hop flavour above a pure Maris Otter ba se. Its flavours and aromas belie its ABV.
Hadrian and Borders Ouseburn Porter 5.2 Newcastle upon Tyne A traditiona l, robust and satisfying Porter made with the finest of ingredients.
Hanlons Port Stout 4.8 Devon Dark, chestnut beer whose bitter chocolate and roast malt taste from the dry Stout base is softened by the addition of rich Ruby Port, combining the hoppy pepperiness from Phoenix, Styrian and East Kent Goldings with vinous alcoholic fruitiness.
Loddon Reading Best 4.0 Berkshire 'Reading Best' is a deep golden best Bi tter with an interesting fruity aroma and a smooth but nutty body. By blend ing traditional English hops with their modern American cousins and the add ition of Crystal Wheat Malt in the grist Reading Best is a twist of old and new.Wheat Malt in the grist Reading Best is a twist of old and new.
Otley Saison Obscura 5.5 Wales Continental style dark saison flavoured wit h grains of paradise, curacao and orange peel
Pig and Porter Skylarking 4.0 L Tunbridge Wells A new sessionable IPA hopp ed with Ella and Galaxy.
Pig and Porter Elusive Pig 2 5.7 L, U Tunbridge Wells A Black IPA brewed i n collaboration with Elusive Brewing. Hopped with Centennial, German Cascad e and Comet. Potbelly Beijing Black 4.4 Northamptonshire A strong dark mild.
Prospect Cascade Blonde 4.1 Wigan A pale yellow ale with zesty citrus note s and a clean, refreshing lemon taste.
Siren Liquid Mistress 5.8 Berkshire A 5.8% west coast bright red ale: bur nt raisins and crackers balanced by citrus.
Squawk Porter 4.1 Manchester Clean and crisp. A lighter shade of dark be er, low on bitterness, with smooth and subtle hints of chocolate
Three Sods Belgian Bugger 5.0 L, U Bethnal Green Light and refreshing wit h strong tastes from the German hops
Titanic Iceberg 4.1 Stoke on Trent A combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add fresh tastin g Yakima Galena and Cascade hops and what you get is a fantastic beer that will hole any passing thirst.
Wild Beer Bibble 4.2 U Somerset Brewed with Vienna Malt and Oats, an unusua l mouth filling malt base. Hopped with beautiful Mosaic hops, renowned for their tropical fruit beauty, helped along with some nice orangey Amarillo h ops both at the end of the boil and in the dry hop. It is unfined, so natur ally hazy. A moreish bitterness is complimented by tropical fruit.
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26 stunning real ales plus ciders and perries.
Not sure I fancy an ale that stuns ?
Sailing against the wind
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