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I was in the Moon Under Water at Balham and I asked for a beer by Twickenha
m. The guy behind the bar said that he liked Twickenham beers a lot because
there was never any problem with them. He said they were always perfect. B
ut in that pub at Balham most beers are around £2.45 to £2.64. The Twic
kenham was £3.05.
I went to my local, the White Lion of Mortimer, and every real ale is £2.
09! The manager, Carol, said to me that Twickenham charges much more per ba
rrel than any other brewery.
At the moment I am sucking down Twickenham's Redhead, which is lovely, and
at the same time slowly sucking away at Tim Martin's profits.
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Weren't there rumours that them of the 'spoons pushed hard for the best price and highest quantities available from small breweries to the point of them supplying stuff that was about to run out of date? If so, that suggests that Twickenham didn't acquiesce to the request and furthermore that makes their beers easier to handle...
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