OT(ish) - not very good beer book

I got this book out of the library -
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It's probably a good book if you're American, aged 18 and off to college for the first time.
If you've got 25 years head start as a keen beer drinker some clunkers are evident, such as:
"Austria: Schweizerhaus. ...famous for Budweiser Budvar, the German version, not the American macro version..."
And, headscratchingly:
"Lager (rhymes with 'frogger')"
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John Frum

Admittedly not German, although Ceske Budejovice (Budweis) was German speaking when the beer was first brewed.
The Kolarik family, who own and run the Schweizerhaus in Vienna, with its wonderful summer beer garden, have been importing the beer direct from the brewery for decades, including during the 40+ years when it was behind the Iron Curtain.
It may rhyme, in some parts of North America :-)

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