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Pubs at Terminal 5
Now that Terminal 5 is open (if not working properly!), anyone know what pubs are available there? Dave
11 years ago 3
Darling Ban! This needs extending to England! David
11 years ago 12
Lancaster Beer Festival
Hi Beer festival featuring 16 local ales, friday 28th march at the fleece inn, dolphinholme, lancaster for a list of the beers, there will be live music from 9pm 01524 79123...
11 years ago 1
Thwaites - Dark Mild renamed Nutty Black
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: michael kershaw Dark Mild has become Nutty Black.It has a new clip, with the CBoB logo, which Thwaites tells me has been 'approved by HQ'. Nutty Black...
11 years ago 14
Coors Museum
11 years ago 15
What's the guest beer at TV's Rovers Return?
I keep seeing tantalising glimpses of interesting pump clips in Corra's Rovers Return and can't make up my mind whether they're from Pictish or Beartown or somewhere else. Has anyone here been suffi...
11 years ago 2
Essex Pub Festivals for March
Pub beer (real ale) festivals in Essex 21 to 24 March Horse and Groom (formerly Blanchfields Bar) 1 Southend Road Rochford Essex 01702 5444015 36 Ales + cider Beer in the Pub and in the Marquee Food...
11 years ago
North Devon pub recommendations
Can anyone recommend any good pubs in north Devon, roughly between Barnstaple and Tiverton?
11 years ago 25
Baby Betjeman
11 years ago
Budget - 4p on a pint
Looks like CAMRA's 'penny off beer duty' campaign has been a roaring success then! Though in the current prohibitionist climate, I suppose any concessions to us evil drinkers were unlikely. 4p seem v...
11 years ago 25
Bristol Beer Fest Tickets on Ebay
If you want tickets for the Bristol Beer Festival there are a few on Ebay. Search for "Bristol Beer Festival".
11 years ago 1
OT: Fosters megakeggery to close
The Fosters Fizz Factory at junction 12 of the M4 is to close in a couple of years with the loss of 362 jobs. S&N say it's not viable because chavs aren't drinking so much lager these days. Local ...
11 years ago FAQ
11 years ago
Pub Beer Festivals Essex - new copy of Tap-room.
News on real ale, pubs, beer festivals and breweries - with a touch of humour The latest on-line version of tap-room is now available at Please note change of URL (.com and no longer Pu...
11 years ago
Smoked Beer
I had the pleasure of tasting a pint of smoked ale last. Got up this morning and forgot the brew (it was that good)! I believe the brewer was Scottish? Any ideas? Come to that are there any other...
11 years ago 25