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Take the beer label quiz
Quench your thirst with this 15-question quiz on beer labels - based on a detail of the label and a clue in the question. Nice site. Thanks for sharing this.. On May 5, 8:45 pm, trung277 wrote:...
9 years ago 2
Philly a better beer-drinking city than Pittsburgh?
Philly a better beer-drinking city than Pittsburgh? Sez them. Thursday, March 06, 2008 By Bob Batz Jr., Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Stacy Innerst, Post-Gazette illustration Philadelphia says it's a better...
12 years ago 7
15 Year Old Beer Tasting Notes
I found this going through the archives of my old websites. These are beer tasting notes I wrote back in the early days of the post-text Internet - middle to late 90's. I was very active in back then....
10 years ago 8
New twist on the "best beer" question
Say you want to give a brief beer tutorial to somebody who is interested in beer but only knows whatever style is most popular in your country/region (e.g., for the USA, light lager). Assuming you...
12 years ago 8
Good SoCal/LA places to get Stone Brewing Products?
Hey can anyone suggest good stores in LA that carry the line of Stone Brewing () beers? Narrowing it down, how about the area from Glendale to Rancho Cucamonga. By good I mean low prices and decent...
16 years ago 2
Stella Artois - adverse effects?
Hi all, I have a number of friends who claim that Stella Artois effects them in an adverse manner. Basically, they reckon they get a lot more drunk on Stella than on the same amount of any other...
16 years ago 12