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I have setup a beer quiz on my web site at
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A friend of mine said that the Beer Knowledge quiz was too hard so he gave me easier questions for the Beer Quiz. Let me know what you think of them.
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The beer knowledge quiz is probably hard because several of the "correct" answers are wrong.
There is no consensus on how many beer styles there are. Numerous organizations split styles of beer up various ways, and the categorizations change every year. The Beer Judge Certification Program has 28 major categories, most with numerous subdivisions. The Great American Beer Festival has competitions in 65. In other words, the question's bogus.
Also, barley is not the main ingredient in beer. It's water. That's what makes it liquid. Water is somewhere around 90 percent, give or take, of a beer's content.
Also, saying yeast was not part of the original beer recipe is dodgy. It's not spelled out, because it wasn't discovered until the 1800s, but the stuff wouldn't have fermented without it. Yeast's been a part of beer long before people knew it existed and cultured it so other microbes wouldn't be part of the brewing process (in most cases).
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Steve Jackson
I think what the question really wants to ask is what makes beer beer, and the answer IS barley, sort of. Just take water off the list of answers so it's not misleading maybe...
The question could be changed to ask "which important ingredient of beer is not listed by the German Reinheitsgebot (sp?) law of 1516?", and then it's perhaps more accurate.
Are there really 19 "versions of Guinness" though?
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Russ Perry Jr
Here is my BEER test.
1. What is the beer in front of you now ?
2. Would you rather have a different one ?
3. If so, why not ?
My answers: 1. Tupper's Hop Pocket Ale 2. Yes 3. Liberty Ale fresh from a tap. Only because I have not seen that in 13 years. Even could not find it on tap in SanFran.
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Jim Phelps

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