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Guinness is good?
Check out this new website:
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OT: YouBurp
Fantastic :
12 years ago
Dursley Rural Festival May 25 to 28 2007
I have been helping Vale Vision Development Trust Ltd (a not for profit company) produce the program of events as on the 24th of MAY the Dursley Rural Festival From Friday 28 May to Monday 28 May 20...
12 years ago
Beauty is in the eyes of the BEERholder!
I have been working on this humor website related strictly to just beer goggles humor. I would really appreciate some hits on my site and your feedback here on what else I should add: http://beerg...
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A couple weeks ago, I was out at the bar and the owners son passed out cigars. We had several smoking them. I still have mine, since I was using a cigarette. We still have some smoking here in these...
12 years ago 21
LaGunitas - Hairy Eyeball ALE
This is an interesting ale, it has many of the characteristics of a porter in terms of taste and color. I tried it because this brewery makes some things I like, and while this was a surprise, it ...
12 years ago 1
Lakefront Brewery: Organic ESB
This week, we're tasting an organic Extra Special Bitter (ESB), the sixth beer in our exploration of Lakefront Brewery's variety eight- pack from Milwaukee, WI. The ESB style hails from England. It...
12 years ago
Lakefront Brewery: Eastside Dark
Last week, we enjoyed Lakefront Brewery's Riverwest Stein Beer, an all- malt amber lager. This week, we run to nearly the opposite end of the lager spectrum, for the fifth beer in our exploration of...
12 years ago
Lakefront Brewery: Riverwest Stein Beer
Bored yet? We hope not! It's only week 4 of our exploration of Lakefront Brewery's variety eight-pack from Milwaukee, WI, and we've got plenty more brews to go. This week, we're reviewing one of the...
12 years ago
here are videos of two puzzles you can do in a bar:
here are videos of two puzzles you can do in a bar:
12 years ago
Rogue Dead Guy
How would you categorize this Rogue Dead Guy ale? It's a good beer, although I wish it were a bit more hoppy (but maybe that's because I usually drink IPA). BA puts it in the Maibock category.
12 years ago 14
Penn Brewing will bottle 22oz
I noticed in an ad that Penn Brewing will begin to bottle their beers in 22oz bottles. Is this a trend? I like to purchase Yuengling beer in 22oz bottles because it seems to be a more efficient way ...
12 years ago 4
i am from india. i had indian beer and in europe european beer, and i had american beer. american beers are watered down i don't like it, no wonder european beers r getting poplar here, while americ...
12 years ago 3
Here's To Beer: a Sneak Peek of "The American Brew" in Boston
Last night the bro and I attended a special invitation-only sneak peek of "The American Brew," a film commissioned by Here's To Beer that celebrates the history of beer in America. The event took pl...
12 years ago
Inside the Primary Election for the 2007 Samuel Adams Beer Lover's Choice
I've been sitting on this post for a week. Man, we really need to Beer Smack more often. Anyway ... Last year, the 2006 Samuel Adams Beer Lover's Choice campaign presented "Candidate A" (a Honey Po...
12 years ago