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Pliny IPA/Toronado
Pliny The Younger At the Toronado. Any other T photos to share? -Ken
13 years ago 3
Best IP{As
My two favorite IPAs this month: Drake's IPA (Roger Lind brewer I am pretty sure, east bay (San Leandro?), Bay Area) and Full Sail IPA (not the special one, just their regular excellent IPA), no su...
13 years ago 16
The Beeripedia is now open!
C'mon by and share your favorites! Beeripedia works like the Wikipedia, but we allow commercial content in that microbreweries, megabreweries, and homebreweries can share their wares... http://www....
13 years ago
The Book of Beer by Creignou
I would any appreciate any help you can give me in learning more about this book. It was published in the late 90s by Flammarion in France and called "livre de la biere"--The Book of Beer. It was ...
13 years ago
Bryson on TV in Bay Area
FYI, Lew's 2001 public TV documentary, "Pennsylvania Breweries", is going to air in the SF Bay Area for (AFAIK) the first time on Wednesday, 19 July, at 11 PM. It's on KCSM, channel 60 broadcast, ...
13 years ago 5
Black and Tan / Half and Half
Is anyone here a Black and tan or 1/2 and 1/2 drinker? I am starting to keep a tasting record, and was just wondering if anyone else has done this for themselves already? and is anyone a member...
13 years ago 1
Style FAQ
I was able to find parts I and II of the Style FAQ which were posted / started in 1995. Were the remaining parts ever written?? Part III is where the actual types of beer were looked at...any he...
13 years ago 11
What's Your Favorite Beer
Hi everyone, I would like to start a poll to find out what's your favorite beer. Who Else Want's Free Cases Of Beer?
13 years ago 13
Cooking and Wine Tour in Italy
Enjoy your visit to Italy is known throughout the world for its art, history, beautiful landscapes, and more hillsides, green cypress trees, snaking sandy roads leading to earth-tone-colored farmho...
13 years ago
What's not to be missed from a beer point of view in the Strasbourg/Colmar/Freiburg region (Alsace/Black Forest)? Brendan
13 years ago 4
Beer Passion '06 - Pix Cheers,
13 years ago 1
"Beer better for you than wine: official" --> At the Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting on --> Tuesday, Professor Charles Bamforth said: "Beer, if you --> looked at...
13 years ago 27
Looking for Micro Brewery "mentorship"
I have been contemplating starting up a micro brewery/restraunt for some time now. This would be an extreme change for me as far as work is concerned. I am wondering if there is anyone out there t...
13 years ago 1
City Brewing May purchase Latrobe Brewing plant
I saw in the Pittsburgh paper on line that City Brewing from La Cross Wis may purchase the Latrobe plant. From the list of what they create I am not sure if they brew beer. Tom
13 years ago 4
Beach Chalet San Francisco
I will be visiting San Francisco in July, and will be staying near Sloat and the Great Highway. Does anyone have suggestions for beer at the Beach Chalet? I see that they have $1 beers on Monday fro...
13 years ago 10