starbucks flavoring??

does anyone know the name of those flavored syrops that Starbucks uses in their coffe or sodas?? Is there a recipe out there for it?
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DaVinci -
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(carried by Marshall's) Torani -
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/ (carried by Cost Plus) Monin -
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jmk in NC
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I doubt that you can reproduce any flavors they use.
Whichever they use (and I think is Torani), I'm sure the first ingredient is sucrose/syrup of some sort, then followed by artificial flavors or natural flavors, both of which are made in a laboratory instead of naturally occuring products.. Note, that syrups can be made of pure fruits, and some small manufacturers do so. If they have the real fruit, then they are required to write the actual fruits in the labels; otherwise, it is made in a laboratory.
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Claudia Cornejo

Torani does have some sugar free flavors, typically hazelnut, vanilla, irish creme, and raspberry. The wierder ones like toasted marshmallow don't make it to the sugar free line.
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In the UK it is a custom range made for them by da vinci
Now if they would just add the Valencia Orange for the other customers..
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