255000 gallon of beer

I brew beer in 1/4 million tanks for a living everyone here seems to make it
very hard but I get about 15 to 18% proof everyday here is my formula:
1. Use clean water
2. Keep ph at 5.6-6.0 at start of the cooking
3. Hold the temp at 190F for 2.5 hours
4. Reduce ph to 4.0-4.3
5. Cool to 85 to 90 and hold for 45-50 hours
6 Add yeast 265 pounds of yeast...hey the cheap stuff.
7. Keep solids at 32
8. 2 pounds of tetracycline to kill the bacteria.
9. Vent that CO2 off
10. Remove solids. Then bottle and age or distil it off and make 190 proof,
but that's another story.
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For someone who brews that much beer, you don't seem to know a lot about it. Mash temp at 190? Ferment at 85-90? Tetracycline? No, thanks...
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Denny Conn

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