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Opportunity for Aspiring Brew Masters
I am currently casting a new TV show for a major cable network called "Your= Dream Life" about helping people get a second chance at their dream career= . We are specifically looking for people who h...
7 years ago
acidently put too much sugar in HELP
The kit is a Woodforde Norfolk NOG Previouse kits required a kilo of sugar. This one didn't. It apears to be still fermenting but has slowed down and hydrometer is still at 26. But yeast is working m...
8 years ago 2
Please come join my yahoo groups yahoo home brewing page
11 years ago
(Beer King??) mini-keg system. UK
Hi I notice that several homebrew shops in the UK are selling 5 litre mini-keg systems (made by Beer King I think). As the party season is fast approaching and scrounging friends always ask if I a...
11 years ago
Belmont Farm Distillery in Culpeper
It must be tax-paid?
12 years ago 6
Glass Or Plastic
This will be about 20-times more information than most of you want to know about the engineering mechanics of this question, so feel free to stop reading at any time, lest you fall asleep. For the...
13 years ago 1
newbie question
i have just recently moved to the jacksonville,fl area...brew shops here are quite limited, but still good. does anyone have any suggestions on internet based stores that offer good shipping prices, a...
15 years ago 1
Clearing before kegging
Apart from using finings what is the best way to ensure a nice clear beer when kegging (without affecting the taste)?
15 years ago 13
Anybody grown their own hops?
From what I've read, they're not too hard to grow. Any reports of success or failure would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
11 years ago 4
newbie question about FG
I have brewed my first batch it is a kit from midwest, the autmn amber ale. It says the SG should be about 1.042-1.046. That was about my start. It says the FG should be 1.010-1.012 but my FG has...
11 years ago 10
Bad taste in my beer!
Hello all! I started brewing about a year ago and have only had 2 good batches out of my 7 attmepts. Both were good batches were after buying new fermenters. So, I assume Cleaning is my issue. B...
12 years ago 12
How to make Coopers Stout from the homebrew kit
Hi! I've made homebrews from kits once before. I read in "beer for dummies" that you should not add sugar to the mixes, no matter what is said on the box. The cooper's instructions mention kilos ...
13 years ago 20
Secondary fermentation
I usually leave my beer in the secondary fermenter about two weeks before bottling in order to reduce the amount of sediment. Would I have any problems with the beer if I left it for a month to f...
14 years ago 5