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fruit beer receipes?
All I see is spam, latest is Nov. 13. If anyone is still around can you point me to some good extract or partial mash fruit beer recepies? I've looked on the web and didn't find any that suited ou...
1 year ago
Re: Bud or Coors ?
newsgroups Budwater or Coor's made with spring water - they are both WATER. Keep them and I'll stick with my home brew that actually has flavor and character.
11 years ago 4
re: brewing software - another question
Hi Reading Bill Velek's post on brewing software has prompted me to ask a question that, admittedly, crops up regularly in the homebrew NGs but hasn't been mentioned for a while. What on earth has...
11 years ago 7
kegerator cleaning Q
Apologies if this has already been discussed... I bought a Danby kegerator about a month and a half ago, have not cleaned it all. I need a new keg, but I want to clean first. I bought a...
11 years ago 4
nasty beer????
I finally got to try my first batch of home brew. It is a west coast pale ale with the Mr. Beer kit. After cracking open the first bottle i noticed that it had little too no head after pouring i...
13 years ago 6
Brewing Suplies 301AC
Anyone know of suply shops in or around Haggerstown?? TIA
15 years ago 1
carbonation problem
I made a simple lager using light DME, liquid malt extract, and crystal malt and lager yeast. The beer fermented fine in the primary, and spent about 10 days in the secondary. I bottled the beer usi...
15 years ago 4
Excessively carbonated beer
I've been brewing for about a decade, and every once in a while I get a brew which ages out and becomes excessively carbonated, as in the entire contents slowly bubble out of the bottle when opene...
11 years ago 1
newbie: grains?
Hi, I have the Porter True Brew kit and am confused. The instructions say "Place the grains in the steeping bag, ..." but as far as I can see there is no grain provided or in the list. The ingredi...
11 years ago 2
Yeast ?
I'm was getting ready to brew my second batch today. I'm using the liquid yeast pack (Kolsch) I started it Saturday 5 AM. The yeast pack is at 68deg. and swelled up looks and feels like it's ready t...
12 years ago
caramel beer/stout
Hi, I was just wondering what flavour, if any, would be imparted by melting sugar (amount undecided at present) to produce caramel, and then adding this caramel into a pot full of boiling extract ...
12 years ago 2
Can beer improve my performance in bed ???
That's the question...
14 years ago 12