Brewing software

I'd like opinions on home brewing software. I'd like to be able to
take an extract recipe, and change it to all grain, and vice versa.
I'd also like the ability to figure out mash water volumes, as well as
sparge volumes. I have downloaded Suds, and it seems to be pretty easy
to figure out. Pro Mash appears to be quite complicated, although I
don't know that for sure. I don't want to spend a lot of time messing
with software when I could be brewing!
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SUDS is an ok basic program for formulating your own recipes. Promash although complicated is a much better recipe program It is a whole lot more accurate than SUDS ever thought of being.
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Yeah Right
Another vote for ProMash but it's been since 3/03 since a revision was made to the software. Looks a bit klunky and the user interface could be much better. That said, the formulas are rock solid and worth the price.
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Yes, I've looked at both, they seem okay. I'm just getting started in all grain, haven't made my first batch yet. I really need something that helps tell me how much to mash in and at what temp., and then volume of sparge water to use. It's still kind of a mystery to me.
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