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I have two hop vines (Willamette and Cascade) growing along my house.
They are now heavy with hops and I was wondering if there is anything I
need to do with them besides throw them in the brewpot? What's a good
way to tell if they are ready? They smell great and are the size of
Long Gone Dave
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"longgonedave" a écrit dans le message de news:
I don't grow hops but i seen a post in the french speaking website i visit regularly. Here is a translation of that message: "To make sure that it's ready, you can crush a cone between your fingers and verfy that the resin stick to your fingers. Your fingers should also smell hops a lot.
"When the cones start to get old, you should see brown spots on them. If you want my advice, i prefer to wait that the oldest cones starts to show some sings of getting old to be sure that the oders are Ok to be harvested.
"PS : Since you probably don't have a feild to yourself, you can do your harvest in more than one day in a way too leave the youngers cone for a few days after.
"If i remember, i did my first harvest las summer around the last days of august and finished around september 10."
I can also add that the hop resin is yellow and that we are in the province of Quebec (Canada) if you want to compare climate and latitude.
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