Old Recipes (I mean old!)

Hello fellow brewers!
Anyone ever come across any really old recipes? I'm talking about the brew Thomas Jefferson may have made. I do remember hearing about some type of "Spruce Beer" that was flavored with pine needles and sap..... I'd like to attemp an original homebrew from the 1700-1800's.
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You should try to brew sahti. Google for example "sahti recipe" and you'll get several. Sahti is traditionally flavored with juniper. Good introduction to sahti to start with would be:
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Hardest part of sahti making for a non-Finn is obtaining the Finnish baking yeast. Some other baking yeasts should do the trick though. I've seen a recommendation that Wyeast 1024 - Belgian Ale should produce taste profile much similar to Finnish bakers yeast (distinct banana taste that is) but I've never tried it.
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Responce for " old Beer recipe , I mean Old "
" The London Country Brewer " 1736 , author unknown .
It's an eBook #8900 first posted August 22 , 2003 , edition 10.
Produced by Jim Liddil and PG Distributed Proofreaders .
I found this site while surfing Google , I printed it out , unfortunatly the URL doesn't appear on the print out .From memory (which isn't much good ) I think it was from an english university . I think you will find this Ebook more useful than a bunch of recipies , when you read it I am sure you will see why . I posted it on Australian Craft Brewer , 2 or 3 years back . ...............Hope this helps Cheers Ian in Bendigo AU
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