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"Riggs" kindly asked:
"Lager" is a german word standing (here) for "store". Now you might see the link I snootily supposed to be common and should have probably explained: Lager beer got its name from the fact that it could be and most often WAS stored a couple of time before it was served. Given that time, it cleared out very well even without finings or filtering.
Besides, my intention was not to offend those using gelatine or other finings though I did so. Please excuse. I thought more of the commercial brewers who try to "optimize" production wherever possible regardless of quality issues. What I wanted to point out was that you hardly need finings if you use good ingredients and work properly. What I forgot to mention was that, at least IMO, gelatin distinctly influences the taste while it removes not only haze-causing proteins. I have made good experience using a special type of Kieselsol in the secondary, it removes a lot of unwanted proteins and trub but does not affect taste. Its use is even allowed by the very strict german beer laws.
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