spring time swill

In keeping with my lax tradition receipe ingredients and using what I already have. How does this sound? The beer calculator sezs it "Special Bitter" style.
6.5 lbs ultra light dme 1.5 lbs crystal 20L steeped .25 lbs blk patent 471 L steeped 1 oz Magnum 60 min ? .25 Perele 60 min 7.6 AAU .5 Kent Goldings 30 Min 4.5 AAU .5 Kent Goldings 10 Min 4.5 AAU .5 Saaz 2 min 3.6 AAU 1 Hallertau 1 min 4.2 AAU
Some sort of Ale yeast - Safale US56 or American Ale yeast TIA
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