which size carboy

I am finally looking to retire my plastic bucket primary. I've had it a long time, though much of that time I was not brewing. It has picked up some aromas over the years from beers I've made and I cannot get them out. I tend to make high grav beers and I've seen glass primarys from 6-7.5 gallons. Which is better to pursue?
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Bryon Lape

My preferance would be to get another plastic pail for the primary fermentator -- inexpensive, easier and safer to handle than glass and if you get the 7.5 gal bucket you can make wine as well.
I have a sad story of a friend, a galss carboy, a slip on a wet floor and 22 stiches. I am replacing all my carbouys over time with Better Bottle products -- much lighter, almost indestructible and safer.
Good luck.
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Robert Bainbridge

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