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How to tell what hop is what...?
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10 years ago
which size carboy
I am finally looking to retire my plastic bucket primary. I've had it a long time, though much of that time I was not brewing. It has picked up some aromas over the years from beers I've made and ...
10 years ago 2
crown bottle caps
When sanitizing crown bottle caps, boil them in some water or just use something like 1Step?
10 years ago 2
End of planting time for hops is quickly approaching
For any of you homebrewers who have been 'sitting on the fence' waiting to decide if you will grow hops, the time for planting is quickly running out depending upon where you are located. The nor...
10 years ago 22
Homemade soda
Has anyone made root beer or soda?
10 years ago
Ceramic bottle reuse?
A friend of mine has some ceramic bottles with the Groelsch style lids. I am wondering if these bottles are reusable or will they absorb too much of other brews? I know I have to get new orings f...
10 years ago
Ten Tips To Consider When Brewing Beer From Home
Ten Helpful Tips To Consider When Brewing Beer From Home posted on March 18, 2009 in beer For more tips like this go to the source for this article: by Robert Ragsdale ...
10 years ago
Primary fermentation
When doing primary fermentation, which do you prefer: air-lock or blow off tube?
10 years ago 23
spring time swill
In keeping with my lax tradition receipe ingredients and using what I already have. How does this sound? The beer calculator sezs it "Special Bitter" style. 6.5 lbs ultra light dme 1.5 lbs cryst...
10 years ago
A serious homebrew question
Hey all, So after a few years hiatus I decided to start homebrewing with some friends. The Saturday before last, we started brewing and put a kit batch of American pale ale into primary fermentatio...
10 years ago 4
Fermented Fuit Juice -- How to turn it into alcohol?
I've been making fermented fruit juice. I store and open commercial apple juice in the fridge for weeks. Then I just mix with water 1/2 and 1/2. Gets nice carbonated pop going but this isn't rea...
10 years ago 1
Barley wine active again
I had my barley wine in the primary for two weeks. No activity through the airlock. I racked it to secondary on Saturday and now it is actively fermenting again. The primary is of the plastic buck...
10 years ago 3
Brewing with wood chips other than oak
A friend recently commented favorably on a single-barrel malt whiskey that was not only aged in oak barrels, but also was aged on cherry and apple wood chips. That got me wondering - I've been using...
10 years ago 3
Newbie question
I have a few brews under my belt, mostly from kits and a couple just made up. I would really like to do a simple all grain beer this time. Can any one point me to a good book or post a recipe her...
10 years ago 7
Convert ProMash .rec files to BBCode, HTML, or plain text
A fellow homebrewer just developed a .rec converter. Now you can input your .rec or beerxml file, and spit out BBcode (for forums), HTML, or plaintext. That way, if you get a recipe file, but don't...
10 years ago