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The Brewing Network Show- 10/9/05
Hey kids, Following up with yet another Great American Beer Festival medalist, TBN is proud to announce Bison Brewing as our guest on this Sunday's show. Having taken a silver at the GABF with their...
13 years ago
SOLD: beer homebrewing equipment
All the equipment I had for sale is taken. Thank you to everyone who contacted me about this and thank you especially to the ones who bought the equipment... Cheers! -=RaOuL=- in
13 years ago
Hi, Can someone give me a Barley Wine recipe. I want to brew a 3 gallon batch using mostly extracts. THANKS! Joe Lynch
13 years ago 1
There she blows
I cooled a bottle of beer in the refrigerator for 6 hours. This beer was bottled 12 days ago. When I opened the bottle, it spewed out everything as if it had been shook up before opening. Only about...
13 years ago 14
beer links and web sites
Hi, I'm looking to swap links with beer related web sites. If you own a site you can add your link on this page: My site is all about pub and bar related ...
13 years ago
FS: beer homebrewing equipment
For Sale in Nashua, NH: After several years of enjoying the hobby of homebrewing beer, a change in my priorities has motivated me to sell my beer homebrewing equipment. A detailed list of everyth...
13 years ago
Small Size Kegs Available?
I have not brewed in a few years, but plan on starting again soon. I have the Cornelius Kegs and they do not fit in my Frige. So....are there any decent alternatives available in a smaller (2.5 ga...
13 years ago 5
The Brewing Network Show- a reintroduction
Hey kids, It's been a while since the launch of The Brewing Network Show, so maybe it's time to let those of you who may be unaware in on what has to be the best deal in homebrew history. The Brewin...
13 years ago
A Heineken ad about New Orleans looters
13 years ago 2
NSW Home Brewing Champs results A. Pale Lager Josh Button Standard Australian Lager 121.5 1st Richard Peachey German Pilsner 121 2nd Andrew Robson Bohemian Pilsner 1...
13 years ago 2
Upward infusion mashing technique???
Came across this webpage which indicates that this microbrewery is using an "upward infusion mashing technique" -- see third sentence on this page: I ...
13 years ago
Keeping head down during bottling
I have carbonated a batch in a 5 gallon syrup can. I did this to see if I could keep the yeast solids from forming at the bottom of the bottles. I plan to rack the beer into bottles. Has anyone tr...
13 years ago 1
carbonating in "Better Bottle" PET Carboy
Can anyone see a problem in carbonating root beer with dry ice in a 6 gal "better bottle" PET Carboy? I would seal it up, with pressure regulator that would not allow pressure to get past 15psi... ...
13 years ago 4
Dry Ice Rootbeer plan - suggestions
I am tasked by my wife each year to brew rootbeer with dry ice at the annual church halloween party. Last year I did it in a big (new) garbage can. It was syrupy and not very carbonated. I have...
13 years ago 7
Bubble question
13 years ago 5