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Adding Yeast
I have a batch of California Common that I am going to bottle today. The thing is, this should have been done about a month and a half ago. (Been REALLY busy) I was thinking of blooming about 1/4...
13 years ago 3
Brew Supplies in Canada
Can someone help me out with recommendations on where to get supplies ... 1) In Kitchener-Waterloo Area 2) In GTA 3) Mail Order in Canada 4) Mail Order in US that ships (cheap) to Canada Thanks, P...
13 years ago 1
Home Brew supplies in Canada
Hi, I'm having trouble finding supplies at my new location. Can someone point me to: 1) Brewing supplies in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge Ontario area 2) Brewing supplies in the Greater Toronto...
13 years ago 2
Re: Pumpkin Ale
First post here. I've read some great info on this board. Can't wait to go through more of the threads. I just brewed a pumpkin amber last weekend and want to rack to the secondary tonight. I play...
13 years ago 2
Good German Style Pilzner Kit
It's been many years since I have lived in Germany, but the thing I've missed most is a good glass of German Pilz. I've grown weary of drinking the imported brands and have decided to pursue makin...
13 years ago 3
Bottling Delay
I primed my latest batch on Sept.18, for various reasons I won't be able to bottle until Thursday, Sept. 22. Am I looking at problems with the delay?
13 years ago 1
Pre-hopped LME: whats in the can?
I have a can of pre-hopped LME from an English light ale kit. Can I use this in a lager recipe? I presume the syrup is mostly light malt extract, but don't know what hops are used. Bruce
13 years ago 3
Different sizes of spigot and bottle filler.
Hello everyone, I racked my first homebrew to the 2nd stage fermenter today. While in the process of transfer, I was looking at my bottling bucket. My bottling bucket has, what I believe to be, a...
13 years ago 1
Sour Extract?
I am in the middle of brewing my annual batch of pumpkin ale. When I opened the LME, it had a definite sour taste to it, which I had never noticed in any extract that I have had in 20 years of bre...
13 years ago
Munich Helles lager: beginner recipes?
Anyone got a Munich Helles lager recipe suitable for a newbie? Currently I'm brewing using malt extract + "vanilla" hops. But I am looking to try a few grains, nothing too complicated! Located in t...
13 years ago 3
Help: pushed stopper into carboy
Disaster today as I was racking to my secondary. I was all set to put the stopper and airlock on and I just pushed to hard on it and--kerplunk--it dropped into the beer. Lots of swearing and thro...
13 years ago 5
A Lot of Failures
Hi Guys, I seem to be having no end of failures lately. Fully 3 out 4 brews I put down fail and I don't know why, I do the same routine each time, hell i'm going so far over the top with cleanlines...
13 years ago 12
The Brewing Network Show- 9/18/05
This week, The Brewing Network Show is back with its full crew and ready to bring home the action to you once again. Dr. Scott is back from hiatus, Justin has returned from whatever the hell he was ...
13 years ago
Cider Help Please!!
I've put fresh apple cider in a sterile tank with mead yeast and an airlock. In a few hours it began to foam. Plenty of CO2 came out the airlock. Two weeks later the bubbling inside has stopped and...
13 years ago 1
Pumpkin Ale
This is my first attempt at creating a recipe from scratch (all the other times I've brewed have been partial mashes from kits made by my local brew store). I welcome any and all criticism and would ...
13 years ago 2