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13 years ago
Cider recipes - OT?
Sorry if this is off topic, but every year the apples from my garden go to waste. Anybody have any cider recipes please? Steve
13 years ago 3
Travels with Barley
All, I just got back from the beach, where I read Travels with Barley by Ken Wells from the WSJ. It was a great read that covers beer culture in America. Basically, Wells gives some beer history ...
13 years ago
Personal Recipes
I just started brewing and have my first brew fermenting now. It's the Nut Brown Ale kit from Northern Brewer. After completing the kit I really would like to design some recipes of my own and exp...
13 years ago 15
Hey there, I've been brewing beer for quite a while now and want to move to the next level. I'm setting up a brew station and all has been going well until I started looking for a pump. Does ...
13 years ago 8
Beer and Wine Recipes
Years ago, I got into the habit of adding beer where I used to add water, and have been entranced by the flavor ever since, as have been my victims who shared a bowl with me. As to what beer to add,...
14 years ago
Beer Tasting
Looking for a local club to join... Anyone know of anything in the Utica, NY area????
14 years ago
True Brew
Has anyone tried the any of the kits from True Brew? If so would you recomend them?
14 years ago 1
The brewing network Show- 8/21/05
Hey kids, After a couple months of live shows featuring numerous brew topics, it's finally time for... THE DRUNKEN SHOW!! That's right brew fans, all professionalism will be thrown out the window th...
14 years ago
stuff gurgling up to top of secondary fermenter
It's been in the secondary for a few days now and I'm getting this stuff on the surface of the beer that may be unusual. Looks like little pockets of sediment are gurgling up from the bottom or so...
14 years ago 5
Belgin White
I am trying to mimc a Belgian White from the Allagash brewing company and they refer to adding Candi sugar and also yeast just before bottling. Dose anyone have ...
14 years ago 3
FS: brewing stuff
ive got some homebrew equipment i am clearing out if anyone wants to take a look.....
14 years ago 2
Jerry Can Challenge
Here's a challenge... You are trapped in the desert with a 10 litre (2.5 gal) jerry can full of water and a 1.5kg (3.3lb) of good quality Amber Malt extract. Suddenly you come across an oasis with ...
14 years ago 7
Stirring Question
Hi When an ale is in the fermentation bucket is it best to leave it or give it a good stir every day or so ?
14 years ago 4
for sale, home-brewing equipment
I have the following used equipment for sale, pick up in north west New Jersey. One 5 gal cornelius keg, two 3 gal cornelius kegs, one 5 gal glass and one 6.5 gal glass carboy with carboy hoods and ...
14 years ago