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Conserving Water
What is the best solution here? Currently I do my best to use as little water as possible however due to the waiting periods, this is difficult. 5 gallons of water to sanitze my fermenting bin 5 g...
14 years ago 17
Steeping Question
Is there a correct ratio of lbs. of grain to gal of water when steeping? I've read no more then 1 lb. of grain per gallon of water. Using specialty grains I typically use 1 to 3 pounds which would...
14 years ago 3
Brewery Plant for Sale
14 years ago
Exploding Bottles
Greetings all! I've had a batch of Belgian Strong take a fairly serious turn. The beer has been WAY overcarbonated from almost day 1 in the bottle. I think I didn't let it sit long enough in th...
14 years ago 3
Waiting for fermentation
How long should I reasonably wait before deciding I killed the yeast by not letting the wort cool enough before I added it? The kit (which I haven't used before) says to pitch the yeast at 21 degree...
14 years ago 4
home made immersion chiller
I'm a tinkerer as well as a home brew wanna be. I just tested my immerstion chiller made from a 50 ft. coil of 1/2 od coffer reffer tubing. It was in a 10 gal alumimum pot (ebay special). Without ...
14 years ago 3
question on where to get kettles for a brew on premises operation
Hi, Don't know if anyone on this board can help with this question but I thought I would give it a shot. I have been a homebrewer for a while now and am looking into opening a brew on premise...
14 years ago 5
blackcurrant beer
Hi all Aim about to make a 25 litre, all grain batch of blackcurrant beer. Due to a glut of organic berries I have in the garden. I assume the best time to add the berries is in the secondary. My qu...
14 years ago
Sunday Afternoon Scores
Sharks 6-46 Tigers Rabbitohs 37-24 Bulldogs Sea Eagles 24-26 Cowboys
14 years ago 2
barley wine
Well, it'll be beer based and wine strength anyway. My plan is to brew a can of extract normally, then pitch some wine yeast and another few kg of sugar. A largish part of my reason for doing thi...
14 years ago 1
Grain Steeping Question
14 years ago 6
Primary, Secondary, Bottles....
Hi, Recently I have begun to have a few doubts over the methods of my brewing, particulary when it comes to bottling! Basically I tend to move straight from primary into bottles for secondary. Usu...
14 years ago 15
I'm looking for a relatively small, second refridgerator that will be converted into a kegerator. I'd also like to use this to keep my fermentations at required temperatures since I don't have ai...
14 years ago
New to the trade
Well, I am thinking of going out and buying a home brew kit. Is there any suggestions on where to get one on the internet? or what all defines a "good" home kit. This will be my first attempt at...
14 years ago 4
Ginger Stout
I recently attempted to make a Ginger Stout after having a taste at a pub. Starting off with extract I went through the whole process and dumped a bottle of Ginger Wine into the mix once put into ...
14 years ago 2