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I'm looking at a recipe that calls for 2.0 oz of 4.4 Alpha Acid Hops. I don't have a clue what type of hops those are can anyone help? Thanks, Shane
11 years ago 3
checking s.g.
hey there... rookie brewer here and i've got my primary going in a 5 gallon carboy and was wondering how i would check my s.g. the fluid is filled to the bottom of the neck, and i don't want to lose...
11 years ago 5
Local Brewing Supplies in Orange County, California?
I have heard there is a brew supplier in or around Huntington Beach, CA, but I cannot find them in the Yellow Pages. When I Google, I get lots back but haven't found the local supplies yet. Any...
11 years ago 1
Recipe for EXTRACT full body, high alcohol, sweet beer.
I am a new and hopeful of good results on my first attempt. I have John Palmer's recipe for beginners. Cincinnati Pale Ale: 3-4 lb. Pale malt extract syrup, unhopped 2 lb. Amber dry malt extract ...
11 years ago 1
newbie here
hi there, me and a buddy are looking to get into brewing our own beer, but we don't really know where to start. I've done alot of research looking for starter kits, and what kind of things we'll ne...
11 years ago 5
liquid vs dry yeast
I bought a kit to make an Irish Stout (instructions are here: It includes a dry yeast packet. My previous brew (German Ale) used a liquid yeast....
11 years ago 4
Beer Supplies
I have no local beer supply shop and am looking for a place that has a lot of different ingrédients. I find a lot of recipes, but cannot brew them because I can't find the ingredients. What are...
11 years ago 14
Gruit Beer
Details: Name Gruit Ale Hausakluif ( skullsplitter) Style Specialty, Experimental, Historical IBU non Date 02.01.2008 Colour 16,5 SIZE 19,5 %Alc 4,54 Units litres Effic 55,2 Yeast Wyeast 1728...
11 years ago
newbie: grains?
Hi, I have the Porter True Brew kit and am confused. The instructions say "Place the grains in the steeping bag, ..." but as far as I can see there is no grain provided or in the list. The ingredi...
11 years ago 2
Re: swallowed some yeast - got a tummy ache
Hi Mate, I'm assuming you are talking about syphoning into bottles.. are you racking your beer at all ? If you rack your beer into another fermenter and let it sit a few days b4 you bottle it you ...
11 years ago
Re: Storing hop pellets
snip Snip This thread has promted me to finally post after, just reading, for over a year. Bill, you seem to be a pretty knowledgable guy, but I could not help but wonder what you're thinkin...
11 years ago 2
Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all
I just want to briefly wish all of my friends here some very warm season's greetings, whether it be for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday at this time of the year. I hope that Santa is go...
11 years ago 1
newbie question about FG
I have brewed my first batch it is a kit from midwest, the autmn amber ale. It says the SG should be about 1.042-1.046. That was about my start. It says the FG should be 1.010-1.012 but my FG has...
11 years ago 10
Anyone brew hefeweizen?
I'm new to homebrew, and recently bought a two stage home brew kit. I've managed to brew twice now, using the canned malt extracts. I'm also new to various imported beers, and I recently found my ...
11 years ago 3
Newbie Question
My first batch is bubbling as we speak. Admittedly, it's from a kit, but you've gotta start somewhere. My wife's not much of a beer drinker...more for me. And she's a little bit scoffing of the w...
11 years ago 3