red rose breakfast tea

Why does red rose premium breakfast tea taste no better than their regular? $2 for 48-100 reg vs $4.65 for 40 breakfast seems a ripoff. Bigelow english breakfast tea is leaps and bounds about red rose. it's worth $2.75 for 20.
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Because it probably isn't any different.
Maybe, but if it really IS an "English Breakfast," it's a China blend and not a Ceylon/Assam blend. But Bigelow isn't a very high end operation either for that matter. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

I remember Bigelow's EB as having Ceylon, not Assam.
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Of all the teas that are readily available in American supermarkets, I think Tetley British Blend is by far the best. Brew it for 4 minutes, let it stand for 1 minute and then add a splash of 1% milk. Nectar of the gods.
I used to be a Red Rose drinker, but it seems very tasteless to me now. I don't know the tea has changed or if I have.
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