milan dancong taste bitter

need help with my milan dancong, recently bought some new dancong. but when i brewed it taste bitter from 1st - 4 th infusions? am using about half cup of my gaiwan. did i use too much leaves? previous dancong i had didnt have much bitterness but this one has bitterness and alot of throatiness.
does this mean it is a bad dancong?
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i had some "cheap" mi lan dc that tasted like teabags if overinfused/ infused too many times, and also had the "expensive" dc that was nice and flowery, but even this one had some mild astringency...
depends on the leaf quality, how it was processed,
so you need to go play some more with it, vary your water temperatures, leaf quantity (if its watery = not enough leaf or not enough time)
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have tried playing with the temperature but somehow there' still some bitterness. i dont know somehow i felt with cooler water i could not get the nice orchid aroma..
maybe i should try very little leaves, cooler water but longer infusion far the bitterness has been a little harsh on me!
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"Jazzy" <> wrote in message news:
Keep the first few infusions REALLY short. I use 190-200 F water, but the first 2 or 3 infusions are in the 15-30 second range. I love these teas, but they are very sensitive to brew time, in my experience.
HTH, Dean
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"DPM" <> writes:
I agree. In fact, you might find that you pour off the liquor for early steeps as soon as the brewing vessel is filled. This may sound zany, but try it!
Lew Perin /
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Lewis Perin

thanks for all the tips!
i just read imen's blog on iced dancong maybe i should try that.
i wonder if i keep the tea a little longer it will be smoother and less bitter?
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