Re: Is is okay to eat green tea leaves?

Well, when making cups of green or oolong with the leaves rolled up
into little balls, it might give you an idea how how many leaves per
cup, eh? Maybe 10 to 15 balls/pearls per cup? Like the Jasmine Pearl
or Moroccan Mint...
"Health benefits" here complys with tea culture.
> Not medical.
> > I was just wondering - since green tea is supposed to provide many health
> > benefits - is it okay to just eat the green tea leaves rather than use > them
> > to make tea?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > Carl
> >
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Lady Greyer
The Winter 2003 issue of "Eating Well" magazine had a feature article on tea, including some recipes which used green tea leaves.
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Warren Liebold
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Since this discussion goes on, I just would like to say that I have a full cooking-book of Chinese dishes all with tea inside. Some are very famous, such as Hangzhou Longjing leaves pan-fried shrimps. Regard to any possible or real jolting effect of tea: don't have tea if you are afraid of caffein; don't have wine and spirits if you are afraid of alcohol. LZ
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