the first step of Pu erh Tea

Is tea collectible? Is it possible to make an investment from it? Can
you imagine tea leaves being compressed into disc shape? The answer is
in the affirmative. Chinese tea, can be compressed and invested. But
how? To start uncovering the veil, this is the book you must have.
You may not have heard of Chinese Puerh Tea before, but this should
not stop you from appreciating its pleasant and remarkable taste and
smell. This book will lead you and open you the door to the world of
Chinese Puerh Tea by revealing the mysterious side of it, such as the
showing you some classic Puerh Tea collection series. This book is
easy to understand and you must have one on your bookshelf for your
quick reference
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Tea Aroma
Collecting is nothing more than I have something you want to buy. What determines that in every market is different. The three general factors for puer are age, storage, and terroir. The fourth and most important is serendipity which is the aggregate of the first three. It is a term I coined. I think the general concensus on the puer forms like TeaChat and Badger/Blade there are too many variables in light of the recent puer bubble collapse to sustain a collectors market. I just finished Dragon Sea by Frank Pope on the Vietnamese porcelain antiquities salvage of the HoiAn off their coast. That is the only known Vietnamese porcelain from the mid 1500s in the world. After the disappointing auction sale the salvage investors declared bankruptcy. 3 museums were established in Vietnam to house the collection from the governments alloted share of the salvage.
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Space Cowboy
well,the book you refered to is the " the first step of Pu er tea"? i got some amazing info on various teas on
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now check i out!!!
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On Mar 29, 1:36 am, hellohello <hellohello.
Thank you, hellohello, we also have teas on our website:
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If you like to learn more tea, the art of tea will be very helpful to you. =)
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Tea Aroma
Tea is art. The first step of pu erh tea does reflect this. Pu erh te is a very healthy kind of tea. It can burn your fat , makes you loo slim. Don't miss it. have a try
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yeah, i drink raw puerh tea almost everyday and i do like this taste. Puerh tea to me is still new because most time i like to drink high mountain oolong tea and they smell really good.
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