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Recipe Poem
Cold Avocado Soup
7 years ago
July iced teas
For black iced tea, really, any leaf iced tea seems to do. Java generic is promoted for iced tea and works well... I'm using a Ceylon that might better be saved for autumn hot tea, but now is summ...
7 years ago
Setting up a Tea "Party"
So, I have a few friends who are really interested in seeing what I know and what they can learn about more "advanced" tea "arts." This really means that they want to get to know more about tea a...
7 years ago 1
Taiwan Tea Experiment Station ??????( ??12?~??21?) (TTES #12-21)
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7 years ago
the truth about energy drinks
Most energy drinks are full of artificial ingredients and sugar and will more than likely send you crashing later. For a "softer" landing and organic energy boost try rooibomate tea, a combination of...
7 years ago 1
anyone still post here?
It's been a while. Any of the old users post here? Spacecowboy included. heh
7 years ago 16
rooibomate tea
Rooibomate is the 21st century herbal energy drink; a mix of rooibos and yerba mate! Learn more about health benefits and check out the many flavors at faceb...
7 years ago
Tea & Design
I designed a booklet based on making the perfect cup of tea. Would you mind completing the very short survey (less than 2 minutes promise!) I'd really appreciate it! 'Testing Visual Appeal o...
7 years ago 1
rinse puer tea?
rinse puer tea?, with dark puer or aged green puer, the first or two infusions we usually dont drink, this is known as awakening the tea, puer is usually aged for some time and also compressed and it ...
7 years ago
The Premium Seaweed Blend
This drink has the unique Fucoidan-rich extract.This drink is uniquel structured sulfated polysaccharide, a carbohydrate molecule found in th cell walls of brown seaweed. Try this drink contatc b...
7 years ago 1
Basic water temperatures
While it is not possible to group every tea in the same brewing temperature range, below is a rough guide. Basic water temperatures low-75'C; medium-85'C; high-95'C: green tea and yellow tea low...
7 years ago 7
eat the tea?
There's been some evidence that green tea has beneficial health effects, so I've been drinking a cup a day. I don't even like green tea, but I force it down. Now, if the tea contains some magic ...
7 years ago 2
Online Food Ordering Chennai
7 years ago
spice icetea
The outer colored peel of oranges or lemons, rich in natural oils, is chilled with the spiced tea mixture. Sweeten, if desired, with a touch of brown sugar. Ingredients: ?1 lemon ?1orange ?6 cu...
7 years ago
have a cup and a facial steam
date: 2012.3.10 A great way to relax and have a cup of tea. First have a cup of tea, for the ??Tea Tasting part we use the following teas. ???? Japanese Sencha Tea ????? Anxi Iron Goddess ????...
7 years ago