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I happened to have been browsing around Dealextreme when I found this new category: There looks like some interesting material in here. --scott (Scott Dorsey) writes: They don?t say much about that...
7 years ago 3
November- tea
I haven't decided yet. But I'm almost finished with my coffee and cocoa allotments. Toci
7 years ago
Instead of getting back to my hot tea, I*'m greeting the cool October days with coffee. What were those reasons I( should stay with tea? Toci I find a nice Puerh that brews up strong and black is more...
7 years ago 2
At Last! A Total transformation system To Get You Ripped by the new year.
7 years ago
Teavana and Puerh
So, I dropped into a Teavana store, not really knowing what to expect, and was surprised by the pleasant service and the reasonable tea that I found. So far, the stuff that I bought from them is...
7 years ago 1
Harney Sends Stuff
A few months ago, maybe more, someone in this group mentioned to me that Harney's has a panyong congou. I ordered it, and while it's kind of expensive by the standards I'm used to paying for chinese...
7 years ago
living in one place or always moving for a good job ,house,or even climate:
7 years ago
Any Darjeeling Tea Drinkers
Looking A Darjeeling Tea lover in this group. You may visit for complete details on Darjeeling Teas Well, I'll ask this question of you, then. When I was a kid, Darjeeling teas were much darker than...
7 years ago 4
Trivia: How much do you really know about Bubble Tea?
Here's a test for teaheads - how do you rate?
7 years ago
When America First Met China
Pretty good author interview, available later today for streaming or for download: Limited mention of tea, but an interesting discussion of the larger trade context, and why Chinese might view the US...
7 years ago
Anyone still drinking Tieguanyin?
Just had a 30-year old Tieguanyin today with some tea friends here in Fuzhou. This was tea that tea farmers hung up inside the rafters of their house and forgot about. Tieguanyin has gotten a really...
7 years ago 8
has information about how I can make sushi at home, but has anyone ever done this? I don't think it's as easy as it looks, but I was wondering if anyone has tried. Some items don't look too hard, but...
7 years ago 2
Iced tea for August
Black tea for the morning- finish Nilgiri packet, then switch to Java tea. Green tea for the afternoon- finish green tea with mint, switch to green tea with berries. Toci Green tea for the afternoon-...
7 years ago 1
Tea Packers in West Africa
Hi Im wondering if anyone could help me out with sending me with the name of any Tea packers is In West Africa. My Company sells Teabag Filter Paper and Coffee Filter paper and we ar looking to branch...
7 years ago 3
Recipe Poem
Cold Avocado Soup
8 years ago