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FS: A HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 6 GLASSES Historical Perspective on 6 beverages incl. TEA by TOM STANDAGE 29%off
This book offers fascinating historical perspective on the history of the s ix most popular beverages in human history and their origins from the Stone Age to the 21st Century. You will learn about...
3 years ago
Why do my teas now taste bland or metallic to me?
I drink tea every day, especially when I'm working, having anywhere from 3-5 cups a day ("cup" means a full mug/tea cup with a new tea bag). I take my tea black always--never any sugar or anything el...
3 years ago 2
Favorite breakfast tea?
I favored an Assam/green blend for some while but it's no longer available. Suggestions for something like that (with possible sources)? Many thanks. -- Bob Newell Honolulu, Hawai`i * Sent via ...
3 years ago 3
Food the happiest of traditions - Reviving old recipes
4 years ago
Check out this neat Kickstarter project - you can make your own blend of custom tea!
4 years ago
How remove black tea stain
I LOVE Earl Grey teas. BUT!..... How does one remove the stain they leave? I have it in all my tea cups, some which are collectible Otagiri's. I know that elbo grease, a dobi pad, and some dish...
4 years ago 6
I'm looking for new teas to try
Hey Tea Lovers, I'm looking for new and exotic teas to try. I am a tea critic and looking for new teas to review on my youtube channel. I just started this week. M y reviews are honest, anonym...
4 years ago 1
Jolt Cola
If the title made you click here you might be interested...Sorry for spam. World's Only Jolt Cola Trash Can
4 years ago
Pu Er tea story
I bought some pu erh tea balls from Adagio. A weird flavor, to be sure, but it grew on me. So, I'd been drinking this stuff on/off fer about a yr. My buddy, who is a bigger tea drinker than me, c...
4 years ago 1
Regular foods contain surprising beneficial elements
Knowing what components go into your diet and you will better realise a healthy lifestyle. Most regular foods contain surprising beneficial elements. You are what you eat! So know what you eat and ...
4 years ago
Ingredient lists on labels on blends and tins
Generally, I avoid teas in tins -- Downton Abbey English Breakfast, Royal T his and That stuff. and all the British sounding blends of assam, ceylon, k enya, etc. My main problem is that there is ...
4 years ago 7
Pu-erh counterfeiting caught on vid
Check this video out: Description: Caught this guy rubbing a puer brick on the street in the Kunming market to make the wrapper look "old." Not my own video, f...
4 years ago 3
In search of Darjeelings
I love Darjeelings but have found it tricky to shop for them. I've mainly g one for 2nd flush from good estates --- Thurbo, Namring, etc,. -- and any a ffordable Castleton deals. I don't have a good...
4 years ago 6
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software
Nuutti - nutrient calculation software Information on nearly 10,000 foods Nuutti is the leading food and nutrient calculation software. Free Nuutti -basic version includes: - Nutrient informati...
4 years ago
Tea stain
One of my fave teas is good ol' Earl Grey. I've found only one brand I did not like, but this outta many EGs. Basically, I wanna know if EG and other black teas use a dye. Not only is my white te...
4 years ago 5