is there a better drink for the same money as "1792 ridgemont reserve
bourbon" or Markers Mark in Scottland??????????
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bob wald
Am 10.03.2013 15:39, schrieb bob wald:
I can't answer theis question in general:
What's "A better drink in Scotland"? Any drink available there? Any Whisky, including blend? Scotch single malt?
What's "the same money"? Here in germany i'd have to pay 50€ for the Ridgemont Reserve, 22€ for the Maker's Mark red seal. Don't know the british prices. Below 50€ you get hundreds of excellent Scotchs, for 22€ a lot drinkable ones.
What's "better"? There are a lot of people who would prefer even a 20€-Scotch over a 100€-Bourbon and vice versa. Completely different drinks.
Just use, Ridgemont has a rating of 82.43 and MM red seal ~78. You'll find a lot of scotch (single malt?) with better ratings within both price ranges, but this won't help you, if you don't like scotch at all or even peated or sherry-matured whisky.
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