I just bought a bottle of Ardbeg Uidgeadail.

I'd read a number of reviews of Ardbeg Uidgeadail ranging all over
the spectrum from love to hate to "not as good as it used to be",
so I decided to purchase a bottle for myself on New Years Eve.
Batch code L62399 26/06/2015 15006073 0??46 (two chars unreadable)
The nose offers sugar and alcohol and a hint of peat smoke.
On taking a sip, my first impression is an overwhelming flood of
sugar, salt, and seaweed, followed by lots of peat smoke and tar,
and then some alcohol.
The aftertaste is a long finish of sherry and peat smoke and
roofing tar. LOTS of lingering peat smoke and roofing tar.
And that was without any watering down! At 54.2ABV, I'm shocked
at the smoothness, drinkability, and lack of alcohol burn. The
ethanol taste and smell is almost completely suppressed by the
other compounds in this heady brew. Watering this down at all
would be like emasculating a tiger; I prefer to let it maul me;
what a unique and fascinating experience.
I'm afraid my review disagrees with all the "love it" and "hate it"
reviews. I like it; it's unique, powerful, smokey, tarry, definitely
something to blast through your complacency with its assault on your
senses. It's not my favorite Islay, though; that would be Laphroaig
10yo. But I have to say that Ardbeg Uidgeadail has immediately
become *one of* my favorite single malt scotch whiskeys. Something
to sip when I want to wake up my senses with something powerful.
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Robbie Hatley
If you like Uigeadail, then try their Corryvreckan - it's even a little more peaty. Or, if smoke is really your thing, stock up on their Supernova 2015 - I got a couple of bottles of the latter since I saw that this year would be the last for that expression (I'm not convinced that it will be, but we'll see).
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