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A helpful guide.. but not really a Bible..I find that it is somewhat useful in suggesting other whiskies that I might like, but simply buying based on his scores is not a good idea. Read what he says about something you like and then if he says similar things about one you've not yet tried it might be worth a taste.
It alos helps get a handle on some of the "Taste Speak" that is thrown around ..chocolate .. vanilla, orange peel, tar, heather and on and on and on.. get a bit tiring for me .. but the book gives some insight based on what you've tried.
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For the most part I enjoy the book and it has helped me select a lot of great whiskies. Before that book I never ventured too far from the beaten track and it really opened my eyes to a lot of brands I would never have sampled otherwise.
Also, I feel his tastes are similar enough to mine where if he really likes something I usually like it too. There are some I don't agree with at all but for the most part it is on the money.
Any news on the 2006 version being released in the States?
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Why wait for the US to get around to it. Try Canada.
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I often buy books from Amazon Canada and UK. Only takes a little longer for the shipping to clear customs.
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Merry D

I found that I mostly agreed with his rankings rather than scorings IYSWIM. He'd give a blend I liked a higher score than one I didn't and likewise with malts etc. However, he might give the blend a higher score than the malt which I just wouldn't have (eg Teacher's 95, The Glenlivet 12 (83).
I also found his descriptions more down to earth than some, using tastes I could relate to.
The book is well worth having, good coverage, good info, thin enough to take to the shops in your pocket and reasonably priced. The only problem is that I'd like a new one but can't be bothered to transfer all my notes.
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