I was on Islay not long ago but since I hadn't heard of the new distillery of Kilchoman I didn't see it. I understand they released their first malt on 9 September this year. Has anyone tried it?
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I have been to Kilchoman a couple of times. An interesting experience for sure. I haven't tasted their actual whisky, but I have had a few drams of their newmakes. Plural is justified here, because it was different spirits each time. Somebody told me one was made with the use of their own malt (they've got a malting floor), and the other one - with the Port Ellen malt. Well, one was promising as for a newmake. The other one was a disaster - smoked mackerel, overused frying oil, not a trace of an agreeable element. To be quite honest, I don't know which one was which, but I do think there is a potential. Once they learn how to malt barley (as I assume the awful newmake was made witht heir own malt).
Cheers, Rajmund
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There is a review of it on here:
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I was there in May and tasted the new spirit it was lovely. Just before bottling time, so I guess it was about the same as in the video with Charlie MaClean. Its way ahead of its time. You wouldnt believe it was such a young dram.
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