Where Went Ardbeg?

I've been special-ordering cases of Ardbeg
here in NC.
Now, when we order, we get Back Ordered.
Haven't seen Ardbeg in 2 months.
Where'd it go??
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In article , nick wrote:
data point: no Ardbeg shortage noticed here in British Columbia. I've seen it on the shelves in the past few days.
Perhaps it's your local importers?
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bill van
Ardbeg has appeared in Oz. According to the advertising the factory had closed but is now reopened. An acquired taste I think but growing on me. 69$AU here.,...
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Terry Higginbottom
The Ardbeg 10 was unavailable here in Durham NC for many months -- always backordered. Now it's back in stock. Great stuff. Pleased to have another bottle.
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