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Is there anybody out there?
9 years ago 13
Distiller's Editions ??
Whew! Is it ever DEAD around here. Howcum?? Anyway, just flew back from the UK where I purchased some malt at the duty-free shop. Got good prices on "Distiller's Editions" of Talisker and Lagavuli...
9 years ago 6
I work in the retail liquor business in Florida and a couple of bottles came in. They are labeled McClelland's and "Single Malt". They come in attractive cardboard tubes with artwork. The only spe...
10 years ago 9
Macallan unfiltered Cask Strenght 59,3 % was real nice last night, a small drop of water does it real nice
10 years ago 1
crown royal
NEW royal Black........
10 years ago
Two interviews with Ian Buxton on his new whisky book
Hi everyone Just to let you know if you are interested I interviewed Ian Buxton in two parts. Ian for your information was marketing director of Glenmorangie and has worked for many distilleries aro...
10 years ago
Johnny Walker Blue Label
If a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label fell into your hands, what would you do with it?
10 years ago 19
Merry Christmas
And may you all enjoy some Roast Angus Beef, Roast Goose, Venison, Salmon, Chicken, Pheasant, Boar, plum porridge/pudding, cock-a-leekie, lamb stew and "neeps and tatties," with some Wassail and man...
10 years ago 10
Black Velvet. RESERVE
This is a great low cost canadian whisky.
10 years ago 5
What alcohol does
In chemistry, an alcohol is any organic compound in which a hydroxyl group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom of an alkyl or substituted alkyl group. An important group of acohols is formed by the si...
10 years ago 2
Help With A "Mystery" Whisky
I work for a liquor retailer in Florida, United States. My brother is always looking for unusual stuff and we brought some whiskies out of the store room which he looked over. We found three bottle...
10 years ago
Stolen Whisky
Dear all, from our favourite whisky store we have received an urgent call for assistance. Almost 200 bottles of Springbank have been stolen from a locked warehouse in the Netherlands. Among them...
10 years ago
If you see this stuff... don't bother. I've never put anything other than pure water in a SMSW (and then only rarely to see how the nose / palette changes) but I wish I had some lemonade to put wi...
10 years ago 7
Lochan Ora
Does anyone know of anywhere I can buy the liquer Lochan Ora in the US. I live in Michigan...
10 years ago
I was on Islay not long ago but since I hadn't heard of the new distillery of Kilchoman I didn't see it. I understand they released their first malt on 9 September this year. Has anyone tried it? h...
10 years ago 2