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Black Grouse
Coming to the outlets near me for $33.50 CDN for 750 mL bottle. Any thots on it's taste considering it's a low price around here? I'm a big Famous Grouse lover. Hi Henchman. It is described as "a...
10 years ago 6
where to buy
i think is the greatest...... Thanks, Bob. This may well be useful to people. Not unless you live somewhere where availability is extremely limited and prices are very high. The prices listed on that...
10 years ago 5
New Bottle Tonight
We had a reasonably spicy dinner tonight, accompanied by a 2000 Frog's Leap Zinfandel. Afterward, to complement the full flavors, I decided to open a new bottle, and chose a Signatory 1975 Isle of...
10 years ago
Is there anybody who posts or lurks here going to Maltstock? . I will be there the whole weekend. If anybody is going, please come and see me at my table Dutch Whisky Society. Peace, Jock I guess...
10 years ago 1
Port Charlotte 8
The new Port Charlotte 8 is out. Fresh on the market since 1st of August. I have it and notice an improvement since the 7. The 7 was very good. But the 8? Its wonderfull. Krispy bacon and creme...
10 years ago 2
New Dutch language "Het Whisky forum"
For those who speak, or at least can read, the Dutch language, here is a link to new whisky forum for The Netherlands. "Het Whisky forum"
10 years ago
I didn't know all that bad shit!....I'm either switching to Cider or burning the telly. "Thirsty Bert" skrev i melding news: Cider contains ethanol. You perhaps mean methanol? That's bad... Drink it...
10 years ago 3
Bastille Day Finds
My wife and I went out for Bastille Day dinner last night. On the way back to the Metro, we walked by a small DC liquor shop in and stopped in on a whim. The first find was a single bottle of 1982...
10 years ago
Here in NC, Ardbeg is on sale at 10 dollars off for the 10 yo this month. In a state where booze is expensive, not a bad deal at all.
10 years ago
Diageo plans 'could ruin Scotch whisky'
Very interesting article in The Scotsman about the drinks giant Diageo. Peace, Jock Urk. My great (or great, great, I'm never quite sure) uncle was the head Cooper at the Kilmarnock site in the years...
11 years ago 7
Facebook for whisky lovers - Connosr
Hi As a website developer and all round whisky enthusiast, I've recently been working a personal project called Connosr - its a Social Network for Whisky lovers - a bit like Facebook for Scotch, check...
11 years ago 2
Black Velvet...Reserve
A 8yr canadian unknown.under $20. id say beats any 3 or 4yr scotch.... Not this again. Some people like Cognac, or Mountain Dew better, but that doesn't mean we need to know about it here in this SMS...
11 years ago 25
Jesper talks tactics
I think some of you Man U fans need to chip in and get Jesper a telly so he can watch football. Seemingly, Jesper would want football teams to play with no right sided full back. Quoted on usenet...
11 years ago 2
New Wed Site !
Hi all, Thought you might like to see my newly formed website it fetures pictures from all over Scotland, both the Highlands and Islands. There is a guest book so feel free to sign it, all comments...
11 years ago 1
whisky auction
This may be of interest to you whisky lovers out there Bonhams have a sales of whisky next wednesday.
11 years ago