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Alistair Cunningham's Limited Edition Blend (50 Years Service)
Can anyone tell me a bit about this limited edition blend developed to commemorate Alistair Cunningham's 50 years services to Allied Distillers Dumbarton. Price, taste etc would be greatly...
16 years ago
off topic question
Sorry for being off topic folks, but I need some help. I am getting a visit from friend in Manhattan next month and they want to bring me some American whiskey. Up till now I have not been very...
16 years ago 9
removing whisky labels
Maybe someone can offer a few ideas on this subject. I have always kept a record of all bottles of single malt scotch (and bourbon as well)that I have finished by removing the label and putting it in...
16 years ago 7
The joys of travel
Just back from a weeks holiday in the south of Denmark, and through a quick visit to Flensburg in Germany and a visit to the wonderful Kjær Sommerfeldt (sp?) store in Copenhagen i have picked up the...
16 years ago
Follow up to an OLD post about ageing whiskys
Last October in a discussion of how single malts "age" or "oxidize" while sitting open I posted my thoughts on what happened to a bottle of the Ardbeg 17 I had left open for the better part of a year....
16 years ago 2
Hennesey's OP
What a load of crap.
16 years ago
Recommend a good blend?
Okay, so I'm relatively poor, and though I have a few of my favourites around the house (Lagavulin, Laphroig, Ardberg, Oban, Talisker) I can't go through them at the rate at which I'd like a drink now...
16 years ago 15
Mackie's Ancient brand scotch 1920's?
Interested in finding more info. on this blended scotch whisky and or selling. for a jpg image and further info please contact me at
16 years ago
Johnny Apple's Speyside Tour
A Rugged Drink for a Rugged Land By R. W. APPLE Jr. The New York Times July 16, 2003, Wednesday ELGIN, Scotland -- IAN URQUHART, a gently spoken, 55-year-old Scotch whiskey man who heads the firm of...
16 years ago 4
Where do you put your bottles ?
Where do you put your bottles ? My friend live in a building, and the bottles are hot, because of the heat. She asked me if she can put them in the refrigerator (fridge). Heat is a danger for whisky ?...
16 years ago 4
Ardbeg 17... shortage or not?
I keep hearing contradictory stories... my local LCBO still has some... do I have to go out and buy it all up? Shortage maybe... I've heard that Ardbeg can't keep up the 17 y.o. in the quantity...
16 years ago 3
Mint juleps and bourbons...
Can those of you southeners on the group who make a mean mint julep tell me which bourbons you favour and why? Nick's general recommendation a couple of years back was a sweet, rich bourbon without...
16 years ago 5
Reviving Distilleries
the standout in this piece is the news that ardbeg is expanding its range with new products under the name of "uigeadail". Water of life is back from the dead: Hebridean distilleries have escaped the...
16 years ago 1
Edrington Results
Edrington racks up profits rise; Increased marketing spend boosts four main brands for whisky group By Kristy Dorsey, Deputy Business Editor The Herald (Glasgow) July 3, 2003 WHISKY group Edrington...
16 years ago
THE List (July 2003)
Artificially Coloured Malts Aberfeldy 40% Aberfeldy 1977/1997 (Conn.) 40% Aberfeldy 1978/(1997) (Conn.) 40% Aberlour 40% Aberlour 43% Aberlour 100, 57,1% Aberlour A'Bunadh 59,9% Aberlour Antique 43%...
16 years ago 4