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dalwhinnie 15
Hmm. Never tried it, bought it with a few other Malts at Tesco's for a relaxing Xmas. This may be a bizzare thing to say, but to my palate its horrible ! Really dissapointed....I can see me needing a ...
12 years ago 1
Many years ago I visited a friend in Oklahoma. He laughed as he told me about their 'blue laws' regarding the sale of alcohol -- dry counties, no cold beer, outside sign on the liquor store no bigger ...
12 years ago
Snagged a bottle of this from Royal Mile Whiskies for just under 30UKP. 'Moine Mhor' is Gaelic for 'big peat' (or 'great moss', depending on who you listen to.) 50% ABV and quite heavily peated. Lots ...
12 years ago 1
Talisker 18 year old
Its rather good ! You can say that again! I have a Talisker 25 that I'll be opening over Christmas. I'll try to remember to post some notes. Jim On Tue, 11 Dec 2007 23:37:19 +0000, uknewsfan wrote: I ...
12 years ago 5
a'bunadh batch 20 vs batch 19
"John Abramson >" Hi Ive read that it is very good. My daughter just came back from Scotland where she went on the Aberlour tour and tasted the 20. She raved about it. Im currently working on Batch #7...
12 years ago 28
any good prices
on the most popular jw gold ? the best price i got was like $22...+ shipping. ooppss i meant jw black.. i found for $30..... if i can get 3 bottles of jw black or 1.5 bottles of jw gold.....
12 years ago 4
Gentle SMS
I have a friend (actually, my Nephrologist) who drinks Johnny Walker (not sure whether it's Black or Red). I'd like to get him a Single Malt that will give him a nice introduction to this wonderful wo...
12 years ago 21
The Ileach - Islay Single Malt Whisky
Hello, can everybody tell me some about this Whisky: The Ileach - Islay Single Malt Whisky Alex "Rajmund" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:fj4itd$6j4$ thanks... many smoke? Good, i open the window before i...
12 years ago 4
Bringing Scotch from the UK to the US
A buddy of mine who is attending Oxford agreed to bring me a couple bottles of Scotch back when he comes home for the Holidays. Anyone know if there are any limitations or rules on doing this? I'm onl...
12 years ago 1
My list is complete
Dont worry folks. This is not "The List" as in the irritating poster who just posts endless lists of SMSW. This is for my nosing and tasting on Thursday 13th December. I have been booked to talk about...
12 years ago
well i'll do it!
i decided to include the next step up for the money in whiskys of the world. i have blackvelvet ''reserve'' n dewars ''special reserve''- next i'm adding acouple bottles of .... jw ''gold''!!!!!! i'm ...
12 years ago
whisky labels
As a collector of whisky (and whiskey)-labels I am constantly looking for new items to enlarge my collection. Am I the only collector in the world?? I don't think so. I am especially looking for colle...
12 years ago 7
Macallan by Sean michael
I picked up a bottle of Sean Michael's Macallan 16 year old 40% ABV. This Macallan is bottled by Aboyne Bottlers and imported to the US by Preiss Imports. Has anybody tried this single malt before? I'...
12 years ago 1
more than 600 whiskylabels on-line
The site of the Ben Nevis Club in The Netherlands has enlarged the database on the whisky-labels to an amount of more than 600 different labels. enjoy! Frans Oh, nice one. Thank you. Jim
12 years ago 1
www.scotlandontv - THE video website for ALL things Scottish!
Scotland is a great country - with a rich, colourful past, and a vibrant, happening present. Scotland on TV has a wealth of videos to help you discover more of it for yourself. What's more, every week...
12 years ago 3